What Our Client’s Say

I just got the free 30 day trial and absolutely love the program. My most current video for YouTube looks fantastic. The program was so easy to use and I didn’t have to convert the video to an embedded one through another program. As soon as I am able to get the money I am so buying the full version. I cant say how much I absolutely love this video. Now if it had the ability to do split screen that would be awesome.

Kristina Linger

This version of Camtasia worked when I downloaded it.
Thank you very much for helping me with this.
I am very happy with the support service from SoftwareCasa.
I’m 62 and decided it was time to stop asking my kids for help and do these things myself. Your support made it possible.

Bobbi Ballas

Thank you for the fast response. Most appreciated. It is an excellent product that no user of email should be without. Thanks for the excellent service.


You guys are the best in customer support! You anticipate before things even are apparent to the customer! Awesome and amazing! Unheard of this days! Kudos to you and your crew!

Linda Whedbee - Camtasia Studio User

SuperStamps has such great variety—no more boring slides. And it’s easy to use, too. My presentations have a lot more punch with SuperStamps. They help to focus the attention on the most important part of the slide and give a professional look to my work. I’m using them in Word, too.

Dee Whiting

“What I really like about SuperStamps is they are easy to work with and I am no longer producing plain Screen-Shots but “Wow-Shots””

Noel Griffiths

“The new SuperStamps 3 is a must have for anyone who uses Snagit daily and/or works with blogs and websites. The new package contains a lot of beautiful and very inspired images, and many of them will be very useful for you. You will always find images which will fit several needings in your work. I’m very well impressed for the increasingly quality of these image bundles”.

Marcos Aurélio Tadeu Da Silva

I LOVE Snagit and am using it multiple times a day. Given my job needs, I truly couldn’t get by without it.

Thank you for making such an awesome product!

Microsoft Employee

 I am a huge fan of Snag-it. I use it at home and professionally. I have been using CUTE FTP for years now. The fact that you are celebrating 10 years by offering your customers a great deal is awesome. I wish more companies would share their successes with the people who made it possible; those of us who actually buy and use the products. Thank you!

Kirsten Kraft, CuteFTP and Snagit User

Snag-it has been my screen capture software for almost 7 years and now they have this great Celebration to kick off their second 10 years. Check it out!

Gilbert Nichols, Snagit Owner

I’ve purchased Camtasia, Snagit, Personal brain, and many other titles from SoftwareCasa which I use everyday in my online business. Whenever I’m in the market for new software, SoftwareCasa is my first stop since the deals are usually better and the support is outstanding 🙂 Here’s to another 10 years!

Arnold Hugo Stolting

I love SnagIt! It has helped tremendously when I needed to show someone what was on my screen or give them instructions on what they were supposed to be seeing or doing on a screen. Keep up the good work!

Fredia Fuller Dillard

I used Snagit to illustrate operating procedures for a number of years before I retired from a major oil company. After retirement I bought my own copy to put together photo albums. It’s a great program.

David Wesley

Snagit is an amazing software solution that allows me to do everything I need at work and home…thank u for being such an innovative thinker! Here’s to 10 more and beyond.

Lexia Crawford

I love Snagit! It is so easy to work with. I’m just doing postcards right now, but it looks like the sky is the limit.

Raeann Berge