SuperStamps Super Bundle, including SIX Top-Selling SuperStamps Collections for Snagit

SuperStamps Super Bundle 2018

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SIX* of Our Best-selling SuperStamps Collections Included: SuperStamps Business v2, SuperStamps EDU, SuperStamps 3D Guys, SuperStamps 3D Ads, SuperStamps Monsters, and SuperStamps Christmas (more info about each collection below)

  • Works in Snagit, Camtasia, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, etc...
  • Works with Video
  • Works in PC and Mac
  • Several Thousand Icons / Stamps
  • Immediate Download
  • Perfect for Your Presentations, Reports, Videos, Tutorials, Education, etc...
Buy SuperStamps Super Bundle

*Please note that SuperStamps v8, just launched, is not included in the SuperStamps Super Bundle. SuperStamps v8 can be purchased separately here

What is SuperStamps

SuperStamps are collections of stamps that you can access directly from your Snagit Editor, only a click away.

So far we have released seven different series of SuperStamps, each with it's unique theme. More on the different collecions below.

SuperStamps also works in Camtasia and most other desktop business applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any other graphics, video, presentation or business software. Just drag-and-drop into your documents to enhance your project.

SuperStamps in Snagit

Just copy the stamps into your Snagit Stamps folder and you can use them directly inside the Snagit Editor (see video on the right). 

Each SuperStamps collection is carefully organized in numbered folders so you can find and apply your stamps easy and fast directly in the editor.

Stamps can be resized downwards, rotated and effects such as drop shadow can be applied. 

Stamps was also developed in close collaboration with users to create useful and professional looking stamps.

Use in Camtasia

SuperStamps work in all versions of Camtasia. 

With the new animation capabilities in Camtasia versions 9 and 2018, SuperStamps instantly gives you access to thousands of graphic resources you can animate at the touch of a button.

Check out the video on the left to see how easy stamps are animated in Camtasia. Just drag them in, then apply a behaviour or animation.

Most stamps are also transparent which makes them perfect to place on any background.

SuperStamps Super Bundle

Below you find a description of each collection included in the bundle.

SuperStamps Business v2

685 Stamps focused on Business Presentations

SuperStamps Business includes 16 categories of business related graphics, ranging from silhouettes, flat modern looking icons, flags, 3D Business guys and much more...

Exaamples you will find are 3D Business guys, flat business icons, department post its, rubber stamp stamps, silhouettes, sketch style icons and much more.

More SuperStamps Business v2 info and samples (new window)

Or Buy SuperStamps Biz Single Collection

SuperStamps EDU

SuperStamps Education - "Snagit Stamps from A to Z"

Teacher, student or professional educator, SuperStamps Educational is a creative toolbox you can use directly in Snagit. 

Install and access all the stamps in the Snagit Editor. More than seven hundred new and creative stamps to improve your screen captures, reports, presentations and videos.

In this collection you'll find stamps geared towards Education. chalkboards, whiteboards, notebooks, photos, stickers, doodles, numbers, flags, maps and much more.

Whether you are doing a presentation, report, or any kind of work with Snagit, SuperStamps Educational will give you immediate access to hundreds of useful stamps.

More SuperStamps EDU info and samples (new window)

SuperStamps 3D Guys

More than 200 different 3D Guys and Gals.

This is the complete collection with more than 200 different white little guys in different poses and with accessories.

They are transparent, so you can place them on any background. Perfect to quickly find metaphor or concept to use in your presentations.

They also come in two sizes to fit your smaller faster images in Snagit without using to much space, or the larger, 500 pixels, suitable for full screen presentations, video etc.

Like our other collections an overview PDF is also included so you quickly can locate the stamps you need.

More SuperStamps 3D Guys info and samples (new window)

SuperStamps Ads 3D

SuperStamps Ads 3D is a huge collection of 3D texts for advertising.

Use directly in Snagit, Camtasia and most other office, video, presentation and graphics apps. It’s fast and easy to use. It can really make your marketing stand out and get noticed. Be prepared to be inspired to create great marketing!

Your Marketing will Stand Out

We are bombarded with marketing messages today more than ever before. Research indicates that we are exposed to between 3,000 up to 20,000 marketing messages each day. So how do you get your marketing to stand out? 

SuperStamps Ads 3D give you the edge to really stand out and be noticed among all the clutter.

Proven “Take-Action” Boosters 

SuperStamps Ads 3D are the original 3D graphics, that allow you to grab attention and boost response for all your marketing needs.

More SuperStamps Ads 3D info and samples (new window)

SuperStamps Monsters

Creation Kit for Snagit.

With SuperStamps Monsters You can create countless of fun characters, emoticons, smileys, monsters, avatars, Snagit stamps. You can also add lots of cool effects to your own photos and other images. 

SuperStamps Monsters is the first creation kit for Snagit and other graphic applications. Just drag-and-drop elements into the Snagit Editor to create your unique professional looking images. Awesome, fresh and colorful character & monster stamps included

Have fun with your photos

SuperStamps Monsters is a fun photo creation kit. Because all the included elements/images are transparent you can paste them directly onto your photographs while editing with Snagit or other graphic applications. 

Just place your image in Snagit or other graphic editor of your choice and then drag and resize the different elements you want to apply to your photo. How about adding cool glasses, a beard, perhaps a nose ring or a scary face tattoo. Create your personal avatars using your own photo with special effects added. Anything is possible.

More SuperStamps Monsters info and samples (new window)

SuperStamps Christmas

160 Christmas related stamps you can use directly in Snagit

Inspired by the festive season we put together a collection including more than 160 Christmas and Winter Holiday related icons and stamps. Ready to be used directly in the Snagit Editor and most other graphic and office applications including Word, Exel and Powerpoint. The stamps are around 500x500 pixels large, in transparent png format so you can place them on any surface. 

We also have some greeting cards included in jpg format. They come highly organized in 12 separate folders so you can quickly find what you need for your winter project. Folders include Santas (of course), Snowmen, Gifts, Christmas Baubles, Snowflakes, Candles, Winter Scenes, Kids, Vintage Hand-drawn and Greeting cards.

More SuperStamps Christmas info and samples (new window)

Buy SuperStamps Super Collection

  • SIX BEST-SELLING SuperStamps Collections Included: SuperStamps Business v2, SuperStamps EDU, SuperStamps 3D Guys, SuperStamps 3D Ads, SuperStamps Monsters and SuperStamps Christmas (more info about each collection above)
  • Works in Snagit, Camtasia, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, etc...
  • Works with Video
  • Works in PC and Mac
  • Several Thousand Icons / Stamps
  • Immediate Download
  • Perfect for Your Presentations, Reports, Videos, Tutorials, Education, etc...