SuperStamps Business v2

More than 680 professionally designed stamps and icons you can use directly in Snagit, PowerPoint and most other office and video software.

Whether you are doing a presentation, report, or any kind of work with Snagit, SuperStamps Business v2 will give you immediate access to hundreds of useful stamps.

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Use Directly in Snagit (PC & Mac)

SuperStamps Business v2 includes more than 680 stamps that you can access directly from your Snagit Editor, only a click away. 

SuperStamps also works in Camtasia and most other desktop business applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any other graphics, video, presentation or business software. Just drag-and-drop into your documents to enhance your project. 

SuperStamps Business includes 16 categories of business related graphics, ranging from silhouettes, flat modern looking icons, flags, 3D Business guys and much more...

SuperStamps Business v2 Features

More Than 680 Stamps Included 

The stamps/icons included in SuperStamps Business v2 cover a wide variety of areas, for example you’ll find stamps for business purposes, reports and presentations etc.

Highly Organized for your workflow

The Stamps are organized into 16 separate categories for you to quickly find the stamp you need. There is also a PDF included with overview of all included stamps/graphics.

Professional Design with the User in Mind

SuperStamps has been developed in collaboration with our users. We often receive suggestions and incorporate those ideas into the final release.

Works on PC & Mac 

The SuperStamps collection works on both PC and Mac operating systems.

Highest Quality

SuperStamps are designed to work in reports, videos, presentations etc. They come in various sizes, ranging from 256 pixels all the way up to 3000 pixels in size. They are transparent in PNG format or JPG so you can place them on top of your images or any backgrounds.

Business Theme

We have included a wide range of images, highly useful for the Academic, Educational and School institutions.


SuperStamps stamps can be used royalty-free. No need to endlessly search the web for images and end up worrying you can’t use them. SuperStamps can be used for both your personal and professional projects. Note: You cannot offer them in products you sell to more than one client.

SuperStamps Business v2 Examples

Due to the large number of Stamps included in SuperStamps Business v2 we can only show you a fraction of all included stamps. The images shown below are low quality samples only.

SuperStamps Business v2

  • Works with Snagit, Camtasia, PowerPoint, Word, Excel etc...
  • Works with Video
  • Works with PC + Mac
  • 685 Stamps/Icons + Bonus
  • Immediate Download
  • Perfect for Business presentations, reports, videos...
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Customers Love SuperStamps

“SuperStamps has such great variety—no more boring slides. And it’s easy to use, too. My presentations have a lot more punch with SuperStamps. They help to focus the attention on the most important part of the slide and give a professional look to my work. I’m using them in Word, too.” —Dee Whiting

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