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The World's Largest Collections of 3D Ads

SuperStamps Ads 3D is the world’s largest collection of 3D ads. It’s fast and easy to use. It can really make your marketing stand out and get noticed. Be prepared to be inspired to create great marketing!

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Get Your Marketing to Stand Out

We are bombarded with marketing messages today more than ever before. Research indicates that we are exposed to between 3,000 up to 20,000 marketing messages each day. 

So how do you get your marketing to stand out? SuperStamps Ads 3D give you the edge to really stand out and be noticed among all the clutter.

Proven “Take-Action” Boosters 

SuperStamps Ads 3D are the original 3D graphics, that allow you to grab attention and boost response for all your marketing needs. 

The collection boosts of 122 hard hitting “take-action” phrases that will be suitable for any marketing message. We have carefully selected the included phrases to fit a wide variety of businesses and that will really hit home with your target audience. Each term come in 3 different angles and two separate colors. In total you get 732 graphic files.

Each graphic file come in 1000x1000 pixels transparent PNG files so you can place it on any background, sales letter, word document or in any other software or website. The high definition also makes it perfect to use in your full HD videos, both online and in print material. 

Plus, if you are missing some phrases for your marketing arsenal, just suggest it to us and we will happily add that to the collection as well. 

When creating SuperStamps Ads 3D we have paid careful attention to the quality to make sure that each and every graphic included in the collection meets the highest standards.

Fast and Easy to Work With 

SuperStamps Ads 3D can save you countless hours of creating your own graphic enhancements and thousands of dollars in hiring graphic professionals. Plus, it’s easy to use. 

Even if you have no graphic skills you can simply drag-and-drop SuperStamps Ads 3D in any graphic or office software to create eye-catching marketing material in a flash.

SuperStamps Ads 3D is easy to work with because all the graphics included are transparent image files in transparent png format. This means that you can drop them on any background, on any color, or insert them into you existing or new marketing documents. 

All included graphics are compatible with Snagit, Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook…), Adobe Photoshop, or any office or graphics applicagtion, on websites, in email, on webinars, in video, or any other marketing material you can think of. It works both on PC and Mac.

For Any Business

Many business owners all over the world have used SuperStamps Ads 3D to improve their marketing. No matter what your core business is about you’ll find SuperStamps Ads 3D an excellent addition to your marketing arsenal.

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