SuperStamps 3D Guys

SuperStamps 3D Guys, the Complete Collection! The Largest Collection of 3D Guys and Gals in one pack!

It’s fast and easy to use. It can really make your presentations and messages stand out and get noticed. Be prepared to be inspired to create great presentations.

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SuperStamps 3D Guys, The Complete Collection

SuperStamps 3D Guys are useable in all graphics editors. The collection boosts of 210 amazing 3D guys and gals suitable for any presentation, video, blog post, article etc. 

Each 3D guy come in 2 different sizes (256 px and 512 px). In total you get 420 graphic files. 

Each graphic file is delivered as transparent PNG files so you can place it on any background, sales letter, word document or in any other software or website.

3D Guys Collection is Fast and Easy to Use

This collection can save you countless hours of creating your own graphic elements and thousands of dollars avoiding hiring graphic professionals. Plus, it's extremely easy to use. 

Even if you have no graphic skills you can simply drag-and-drop SuperStamps 3D guys in any graphic or office software to create eye-catching presentation material fast and easy.

Use on Any Background and in Any Graphics Software 

All included graphics are compatible with Snagit, Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook…), Adobe Photoshop, or any office or graphics application, on websites, in email, on webinars, in video, or any other marketing material you can think of. It works both on PC and Mac.

What's Included?

The images shown below are low quality small samples only.

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