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SuperStamps v7 Video Overview

SuperStamps Introduction

SuperStamps is a huge collection of visual communication assets, created to aid the presenter, teacher, marketer, trainer, etc., to create stunning and professional looking visual documentation. The stamps/icons included in SuperStamps cover a wide variety of areas, for example you’ll find stamps for educational purposes, business reports, presentations, technical writing and many other areas. The stamps also offer great versatility, you can install and use them directly in Snagit (installer included), but you can also use them directly in virtually any graphics, presenter or video software, including cloud apps such as Canva, online presentation and collaboration tools etc., etc...

SuperStamps v7 New Assets

Below you find an overview of newly added stamp collections. Samples are much smaller and lower quality than the actual stamps.

In version seven we have added stamps of previously popular and asked for collections, we have also focused on usability that go hand-in-hand with new tools added in Snagit. For example you will find several new collections that will be useful when showcasing numbered steps, often with copyspace, areas where you can add additional text to explain further.

We have also added a new category useful for the new simplify function in Snagit, with upgraded and professional-looking stamps.

SuperStamps v7 Highlighted Collections

With SuperStamps v7, we wanted to create something extraordinary. This meant going back to the basics, and to ask our users and ourselves; What stamps should be included to make the best and most useful visual asset collection available out there today. What makes the perfect tool for presenters, video makers, Snagit users, technical writers and our other users...

Here are some some collections we wanted to highlight from the latest releases. Note that they were animated to showcase them, it is not possible to animate stamps them directly in Snagit. But you can do so in most video editors and many presentation software applications.

013B Multicolored Talk Bubbles

We went looking for the most eye-catching, great-looking, but still useful Callout we could find, then we made them even better. Rest assured, with these your presentations and videos will look truly unique. Five shapes in 10 different colors/styles are included.

030A Step Text Blocks

When creating tutorials and technical documentation, it is important to be able to show steps, while effectively including text. We wanted to improve upon the way the Steps are working in Snagit, while retaining a unique and stylish shape, hence "Step Text Blocks". And at the same time, make them useful in other software as well.

036 Earth Globes

66 beautifully rendered Earth globe illustrations have been included, showcasing the continents and oceans of our amazing planet , in nine different styles, to fit any projects. The Moon and other unique globes are also included.

038 Neon Letters with Neon Backgrounds

The neon letters will certainly work well by themselves, but if it suits your project, we also added 20 backgrounds that was rendered to showcase how neon actually lights up a wall. Full alphabet plus numbers and symbols in in Cyan and Pink. 

039 Presenter Explainer Guys

Again a truly unique collection of characters to enhance your presentations, reports, powerpoints, and more. 76 different highly useful poses and situations. The characters was created with a white border so the will work excellent on both light and dark backgrounds. 

040 SmileyGuys

We bring our unique take on Emoticons with these large and colorful emojis. Six different colors displaying many different emotions, 156 visual assets in total. Admit it, it's hard not to look ;-)

035 Simplify UI Expanded

In Snagit 2019, TechSmith introduced a new functionality called Simplify, that is great. The idea is to simplify for example webpages, by exchanging page elements with simpler graphics, to get a faster overview or focus on specific details. It's a great addition, and so we wanted to add something extra to this concept by providing an additional set of Simplify assets, hence "Simplify UI Expanded".

These are just a handful of our new stamps among all the 7,100 useful stamps included in SuperStamps v7.

Overview of All Included Collections

Here is an overview of the different categories/folders included in SuperStamps v7. Below is just one example taken from each collection. Many of our collections include 50 or even 100 stamps each.

Using SuperStamps

SuperStamps in TechSmith Snagit

SuperStamps v7 now comes with a Snagit installer. Just click th installer, and SuperStamps will automatically be included in your Stamps collection in the Snagit Editor.

See the video on the right to see how easy it is to use SuperStamps in Snagit.

Each SuperStamps collection is carefully organized in numbered folders so you can find and apply your stamps easy and fast directly in the editor.

In Snagit versions 2019 and 2020 you can now also search through all SuperStamps and find all the related stamps much faster than before.

Stamps can be scaled, rotated and effects such as drop shadow can be applied.

SuperStamps works in all versions of Snagit and on both PC and Mac.

Video Demonstration: Snagit and SuperStamps - Better Than Ever Together

This video was originally created for SuperStamps v6, but it is a great example of how you can use SuperStamps together with Snagit, both for SuperStamps v6 and v7.

SuperStamps in TechSmith Camtasia

SuperStamps also work in all versions of Camtasia. 

With the new animation capabilities in Camtasia 9, 2018, 2019 and onwards, SuperStamps instantly gives you access to many thousands of graphic resources you can animate at the touch of a button.

Check out the video on the left to see how easy stamps are animated in Camtasia. Just drag them in, then apply a behaviour or animation.

Most stamps are also transparent which makes them perfect to place on any background or video.

SuperStamps in Microsoft Office Software

Simply drag-and-drop the desired stamp into any office application to use it.

This works perfectly with PowerPoint, Excel, Word and more. In Outlook you may have to change your email settings to embed image content.

In PowerPoint it is also possible to animate them and make any changes that applies to images.

Time to spice up your presentations and office communication!

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  • Access to More Than 7,100 Icons/Stamps
  • Can be installed and accessed directly from Your Snagit stamps library
  •  Stamps are now searchable in Snagit 2019 & 2020 Editors
  • Also works in Camtasia, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, etc...
  • Works with Video editors and Presentation software
  • Works in Cloud applications, for example Canva and many others
  • Works in PC both and Mac
  • Immediate Download
  • Perfect for Your Presentations, Reports, Videos, Tutorials, Education, etc...
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