SuperCallouts v3 - Over 1.3 GB of Camtasia-Ready Templates, Logo Reveals, Lower Thirds, Transitions, Motion Backgrounds, Music, Sound Effects and more. Read on to get the scope...

SuperCallouts - Premium TechSmith Camtasia® Templates

Drag-and-drop ready Camtasia library templates, for your visual communication, creative projects, presentations and educational creations.

Also works on new Camtasia 2020!

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435 Assets in 16 Modules of Camtasia-Ready Content!

SuperCallouts brings you 16 modules with over 430 templates that installs and are used directly from the Camtasia Library. You'll find amazing HD video backgrounds, Stock footage, Green screen overlay videos, background graphics, lower thirds, whiteboard animation videos, text animations music and lot of callouts, all Camtasia-ready.  

SuperCallouts 3 Features

Easy to Install SuperCallouts is prepared for easy Camtasia installation. Just double-click the installer to start. 

Installs into Camtasia versions 9, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Versatile and Useful It doesn’t matter if you are doing educational projects, company presentations, software tutorials or youtube videos. In SuperCallouts you’ll find a wide variety of useful, and great assets. 

Easy to Use Ones installed, just drag-and-drop the templates down to the Camtasia timeline to use them in your creations.

Fully Editable Templates You can edit colors, fonts, size, duration and many other aspects of the templates.

Amazing Professional Resources The resources included in SuperCallouts is of high quality to give your projects that professional look.

Save Big  

You would normally have to pay as much for one single video clip on stock sites as you pay for all of SuperCallouts v3.

Full HD Quality SuperCallouts is prepared for your full HD 1920×1080 Camtasia projects. But it also scales down well to fit your smaller recordings

Highly Organized The contents has been organized into clearly marked folders for you to access the right asset and work faster.

16 Camtasia Modules - 435 Asset Templates

Images show smaller, lower quality samples.

Module 1: 30 Full HD Motion Graphics Backgrounds

30 motion backgrounds for your creative projects. Most of these are also loopable, so you can add a consistent moving background to your videos.

Module 2: 40 Full HD Stock Footage

The Stock Footage module now includes 41 clips in various lenghts of Aerial videos, Slow motion, Time-lapse videos and normal videos, to use as backgrounds, transitions or b-roll for your creative projects.

Module 3: 21 Green Screen Overlay Videos

You can easily remove the green screen in Camtasia using the Remove Color function, and use these assets as overlays on other backgrounds. Instructions on how to remove the green screen are also included with SuperCallouts.

Module 4: 30 Presentation Backgrounds (Graphics)

Sometimes you want your audience to focus on the message and avoid distractions such as moving backgrounds, that's when our presentation background graphics can come in handy.

Module 5: 16 Full HD Concept Whiteboard Animations

Eyecatching and popular concept whiteboard animation videos.

Module 6: 10 Logo Revealers / Logo Intros

Create your own Logo intro quickly and easily with these ten Camtasia templates. You can exchange the logo placeholder with your own with one simple click in Camtasia. Instructions are included.

Module 7: 20 Transitions

Tired of the limited number of transitions available in Camtasa, add these twenty flat and colorful transitions to your arsenal.

Module 8: 20 Lower Thirds

Lower Thirds is one of the most sought after Camtasia templates. Here you find twenty, easy-to-edit versions for your next creative project.

Module 9: 20 Animated Doodle Arrows

Perfect when you want to draw attention to specific parts of your video.

Module 10: 101 Music Tracks

Groovy music for your video projects. Around 40 or so different songs, many of which are available in different lenghts to fit your project perfectly. 101 music tracks in total.

Module 11: 45 Sound Effects for Video

45 sound effects picked out specially for working well with adding an extra dimension to your videos.

Module 12: 30 Animated Numbered Steps

The animated numbered steps are a useful addition, to showcase steps and workflow in your videos and presentations.

Module 13: 21 HD 3D Pointer Callouts (Graphics)

Extra large arrows, pointers and other useful graphic elements. Easy to animate or adding behaviour to in Camtasia.

Module 14: 10 Animated Icons

Ten fun animated icons for your projects. Some have the option of adding text.

Module 15: Animated Cartoon Bubbles 

Throw in some animated cartoon bubbles to create that extra toon feeling.

Module 16: Kinetic Typography Text Templates

Also a very popular category of Camtasia templates ar our Kinetic Typography. Here are ten different templates. Just edit the texts and you are ready to go.

Module 0: Help Files

We have also included a folder with help files, showing how to perform the most common editing problems that you may encounter, such as exchanging text in the templates, removing green sceen, exchanging your logotype and more.


"About your SuperCallouts: I’ve had a look, and wow they’re awesome! Thanks a lot." Michael Bagge, Microsoft Certified Professional Developer

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  • Optimized for Full HD, and scales down well
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Frequently Asked Questions

Use SuperCallouts content in other software

SuperCallouts is delivered as a Camtasia installation file, a so called libzip file. If you would like access to these files for other software, please check out our sister site Callouts Premium Visual Communication Resources Here