Introducing Camtasia Template Collections!

We picked out ten of our most popular templates of all times. Awesome drag-and-drop, easy-to-use template collections for Camtasia. Each collection includes many individual templates.

These install directly into the Camtasia library. With many editable features.

All templates are tested on, and installers included for, Camtasia versions 9, 2018, 2019, and 2019 Mac.


We collected ten of our most popular Camtasia template collections, bundled them into one huge package. 

The "Bestseller Bundle" includes ten template collections with over 160 templates! Included in the bundle:

  • Camtasia Photo Slideshow Templates
  • Camtasia Templates: Animated Doodle Arrows
  • Camtasia Youtube Asset Templates
  • Camtasia Vintage TV Green-Screen Templates
  • Camtasia Text Lens Flare Templates
  • Camtasia Frosty Anim. Titles/LowerThird Templates w. Transitions
  • Camtasia SuperFrames Monitor Mockup Templates
  • Camtasia Kinetic Typography Templates
  • Camtasia Flat Stylish Lower Third Templates
  • Camtasia Explainer Video Paper Cutout Templates

Camtasia Photo Slideshow Templates

Create amazing slideshows fast and easy directly in Camtasia. Apply stylish slideshow effects to your photos in one click.  

The collection includes 20 premade templates to create your own fluent photo slideshow in just a few clicks. 10 templates optimized for landscape (horizontal) and square photos and ten for portrait (vertical) photos.  

Preview the templates in the Camtasia Library, then drag the desired template to your timeline and easily exchange the template with your photo or image in a click.  

Optimized for both panorama and landscape photos, around 1000-3000 pixels, but will work with most normal sized photos.

Helpfile is also included.

Buy Camtasia Templates Bundle $99.95 ($224.50)
Includes ALL TEN templates shown on this page!
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Camtasia Animated Doodle Arrow Templates

In this template collection, you’ll find 50 animated doodle arrows.

There are seven different arrow styles, in 5 different pre-made colors. Utilize the Colorize-function in Camtasia, to set any color you need for your project.  

Unsymmetrical arrows also come in two versions. You can animate the arrows further with Camtasia behaviors, change their speed and rotate them 360 degrees. Change scale, Opacity, Add drop shadow, and more customization.  

Installs into the Camtasia library and come with organized titles so you easily find what you need. After installation just drag-and-drop from timeline into Camtasia. Large size, perfect for full HD videos and scales down well.

Camtasia Youtube Asset Templates

13 Youtube marketing-themed templates for Camtasia.  

In this collection, you will find a number of exciting elements that will help improve upon your YouTube marketing efforts in your videos. For example, Like, Subscribe, Get Notified buttons and comment prompts.

Assets were created to be easily implemented to your videos to quickly increase your subscribers and viewer base. Check out the video for a preview of each included template.

Optimized for Full-HD 1920×1080 and will scale down well. 13 fully editable templates with animations and sound effects. Installs directly into the Camtasia library. Just-drag-and-drop to your timeline. Installers for Camtasia version 9, 2018 and 2019 are included.

Camtasia Vintage TV Green-Screen Templates 

In this collection we have gathered 6 background images of vintage TV sets in different environments. Great to showcase your videos or images on a tv screen.

Great as an intro or outro to showcase your brand.

The green screens are already removed in the Camtasia templates and the tv screen as been angled to reflect the television, so you can just drop your video or image in the layer below.

Camtasia Text Lens Flare Templates

Optical light flares for Camtasia! In this collection, you’ll find new never before seen Optical Flares for text.

Included are ten different optical flare templates, each with its unique style and light effects. You can edit the texts, the animations of light effects, colors etc. etc. Optimized for Full HD 1920×1080 but scales down well. A space video background is also included.

Installs into the Camtasia library and come with organized titles so you easily find what you need. After installation just drag-and-drop from to the Camtasia timeline.

Camtasia Frosty Animated Titles/LowerThird Templates with Transitions

Camtasia Frosty Animated Title Templates, can be used as titles, as slides in a presentation or even lower thirds.

A clean simple but impactful style. The template collection includes 11 different templates. Six vertical and 5 horizontal templates in 5 different colors.

Carefully timed sound effect is also included. Each template is made so that it can be used as a transition, with the transition point clearly marked.

Camtasia SuperFrames Monitor Mockup Templates

We are proud to present the SuperFrames Monitor Mockup Template Collection!

The collection includes ten different monitor overlay templates. Perfect to present your videos or images with accompanying text.  

The ten templates are well organized, installs directly into your Camtasia library, easy-to-use drag-and-drop to your timeline functionality.

Camtasia Kinetic Typography Templates

This is one of our absolutely most requested templates. Works in Camtasia 9, 2018 and 2019.

10 Kinetic Typography templates for Camtasia. Easy to place on any background or single color. Just pick the template that fits your presentation, and drag-and-drop it to the timeline, then exchange the texts to your own.

Most functionality, like text, font, color etc., is editable.

Camtasia Flat Stylish Lower Third Templates

Lower thirds templates are among the most requested Camtasia assets. And that’s why we wanted to create something really modern looking flat and stylish with fluent animations.  

There are two different lower thirds included, a larger and a smaller one. Each comes in six different colors, so you should find a color suitable for your projects. 12 different templates in total.

Lower-thirds are optimized for Full HD, 1920×1080 pixels, but scales down well.

Camtasia Explainer Video Paper Cutout Templates

We are proud to present the Explainer Video Paper Cutout Templates.

The idea behind this project was to create something highly useful and at the same time very unique. If you want to differentiate your videos and stand out, this will be a great template to use for your presenter videos.

Included you’ll find 26 different cutout graphics, 8 paper backgrounds, one vignette overlay file and suggestions for suitable cutout fonts.


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