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Offering World-Class Software Since 2001

Founded in 2001. We offer software focused on presentations, video and graphics. SoftwareCasa is both a reseller, distributor and creator of amazing software titles. In our inventory you find software used by 99% of top 500 Fortune companies.

We proudly serve clients such at the top Universities, Governments, Corporations and individual clients around the globe.

SoftwareCasa Vision

What sets us apart from most software companies is probably the human touch.

We basically live with the software we sell, and are not just pushing licenses through a database, but are speaking with, helping and explaining to our clients how the products, licensing etc. work.

We fiercely believe in the value of the the software we offer. The software is there to help you increase productivity and produce better results in your work and private life.

o say I am delighted, would be a tremendous understatement. All I can say, is you must really love your work. Your dedication to customer service is only exceeded by your creativity and ability to produce truly unique and quality callouts. 

I cannot thank you enough for your generous offer and actually taking the time to produce a custom made, uniquely designed flame and smoke lower third callout for our new video tutorial series. THANK YOU!


“Verdict: SuperStamps has a rich collection of visual communication assets that you can use in almost any graphic, presentation, or video software, such as PowerPoint, cloud-based applications such as Canva. I like that developers listen to users’ wishes, follow the latest visual communication trends and add new stamps.” Read more

Eva Williams

Journalist, Fixthephoto.com

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