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Video Sound Cleaning Lab 1.0

Perfect video soundtrack editing

Video Sound Cleaning Lab
Version: 1.0
Publisher: MAGIX
Delivery Type: Download
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP | Vista | 7
Language: English
Price: $50.39
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Video Sound Cleaning Lab

MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab offers everything an ambitious movie maker needs: With professional ProAudio technology that features powerful and convenient functions for editing and removing unwanted noise from your video's audio track.

The ideal complement for any video editing software. Modern functions and pre-configured solutions for the most common applications make it easier than ever to turn your videos into perfect audio experiences – no previous experience required!

DV · HDV · AVCHD · Easy & professional

MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab

Perfect sound for your videos

If you own a video camera, you're familiar with the following problem: After recording you're ready to enjoy your video, but you notice that the original sound contains irritating noise. Even the best scenes seem disappointing due to frustrating camera noise, background din or other audio disturbances.

MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab features extremely precise tools and numerous effects for restoring the desired audio for your videos. Take advantage of the professional technology included to easily optimize your video's sound!

Simply the fastest way to perfect sound

Just import the video material or the individual audio track straight from the hard drive into the software.

Immediately begin to enhance the audio material with manual and automatic options – the program will meet any requirements.

After you've finished editing your audio, conveniently export the complete video or audio track into any common format and continue to use it in your own video editing program like MAGIX Movie Edit Pro.

Optimized presets, task assistant and tips

Practical presets will help you get more out of your videos!

You don't have to be an expert to optimize the sound on your videos! MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab provides practical presets for a wide range of situations and helps you obtain perfect results.

Thanks to handy presets, it's easy to remove irritating noise such as wind, camera hiss and background din.

Task assistant: The perfect companion to help you restore audio

Right from the start, the task assistant guides you through the most important steps of the audio restoration process. Many of the program's functions can be accessed with just a few clicks.

You'll find tips on all of the important processes, from importing audio and video files, optimizing sound and volume to repairing damaged audio tracks or removing individual audio disturbances.

Info box with useful tips and tricks for audio post-production

Discover video sound post-production at the highest level – and with the easiest handling!

The info box is ideal to help you edit your recordings. All effects and their functionality are explained in a straightforward way, so you can obtain optimum results without having to familiarize yourself with the program for a long time.

Remove wind noise & avoid overmodulation

Easily remove wind noise

Some of the best videos are recorded outdoors, but without professional audio equipment they will pick up unwanted wind noise!

Without having to go to the trouble of purchasing specialized and expensive equipment you can use intelligent algorithms to easily remove wind noise from your recordings. Take advantage of practical presets or manually adjust all of the parameters to suit your needs

Avoid overmodulation & distortion

Videos shot outdoors at family get-togethers, sports events, or any other occasion will often have noticeable volume fluctuations that cause the video's audio to sound distorted and overmodulated.

To avoid overmodulation, MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab offers professional tools like the limiter and the DeClipper. This way, you can balance volume fluctuations and spare the ears of your audience

Perfect audio tracks without camera noise & mains hum

Camera hiss

As a result of mechanical recording processes, many camcorders cause a hissing noise. This noise is recorded by the camera's internal microphone and will be clearly audible on your video's audio track later, which can be very irritating.

MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab features optimized and 100% reliable tools and presets, allowing you to remove typical camera noise from your recordings and restore your video's audio track!

Mains hum

Who isn't familiar with this? A humming noise coming from the speakers of your TV set or home theater cinema that slowly gets on your viewers' nerves – mains hum.

Put an end to mains hum and rid your recordings of this irritating noise that is sure to spoil any video sooner or later!

Enhance voice recordings & improve speech clarity

Optimize the sound of speech: Easily remove hissing "S" sounds and irritating popping sounds

The built-in microphones of many camcorders do not provide the required audio quality. As a result, speech in video recordings can be difficult to understand. Loud popping sounds and hissing "S" sounds can detract from any recording especially when you show your recordings to others.

It doesn't have to be this way. With the right tools optimizing speech can be done in a matter of minutes; placing your videos into a whole new league.

Improve speech clarity

With the right presets and tools such as the 10-band equalizer, DeEsser or StereoFX, you can improve the clarity of speech in your videos in just a few steps.

The program also features help functions, tips and tricks related to various topics such as voice recordings and audio restoration.

Precise removal of individual distortions

Easily remove coughing, clapping or other noise with Spectral Cleaning

You've shot several videos and are satisfied with the images. But unfortunately coughing or clapping got onto the audio track, spoiling the whole cinematic experience.

The solution: Spectral Cleaning! It allows you to detect individual disturbances such as coughs, whistles or single claps and to remove them precisely without creating a gap or affecting the recording's quality!

What is Spectral Cleaning?

Spectral Cleaning removes individual distortions from a recording without noticeably influencing the original material.

The graphical interpretation of the sound is displayed using a spectrogram. The volume of frequencies is visualized through a color code that indicates the tonal brightness. Audible noise is usually louder and stands out in the spectrogram due to its color.

With MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab you can easily encircle the distortions with the mouse and remove them.

Overview track & preview monitor: Ideal for time-consuming video projects

Preview monitor

The preview monitor is a perfect tool for monitoring whether image and sound are in sync and cuts made in the audio track still correspond to the right scenes in the video.

Additionally, the preview function allows you to check whether subsequently added audio effects and comments really match the movie sequence that is being shown.

Keep track of everything, even in long video projects

It's easy to lose track, especially in time-consuming video projects. Due to the many cuts and areas that have to be edited separately, the workflow tends to become confusing and drawn out.

This is where the overview track comes in handy. It makes it easy to navigate through long audio tracks and to jump to different positions in the project without losing track.

Easily export & continue to use audio & video files

Easily export the optimized material in any format

MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab supports all common audio and video formats and allows you to export the optimized result in the desired format – easy and in top quality!

PLUS! Professional exporting of MPEG-2 and DV-AVI thanks to Smart Rendering

An ideal complement for any video editing software

Good news for owners of video editing software: Edit your videos in your usual editing program and use MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab as a complement to edit the audio track of your video recordings later on.

All common audio and video formats are supported, so the optimized file can be used in any video editing software.

MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab has been tested for operational conformity and functional security in Windows® 7.

Enhance your video sound and discover the advantages

Easily export the optimized material in any format

To create professional sound for your videos, you don't have to be an expert or have to purchase expensive audio equipment.

With MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab you can edit and optimize the sound from your videos in a few simple steps, all in digital ProAudio quality – brilliant, crystal clear and with any irritating noise gone!

Get the cinema feeling

The best videos can only be enjoyed if irritating noise, volume fluctuations and other bothersome distortions have been removed. Create perfect sound in a flash and bring your videos to life by adding audio effects such as echo and room. Give it a try, your audience will love it!

Quick online help

The direct connection to the magix.info Multimedia Community makes it possible for you to easily download the right solutions for your individual needs. Simply write your question within the program and upload it directly! So you want to know which format is the most suitable for your movie? At magix.info, you'll get clear, understandable help quickly and directly from other users, either in the form of answers or complete workshops.

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