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Classic PhoneTools 9.0

Fax-Phone from Your PC Today!

Classic PhoneTools
Version: 9.0
Publisher: Avanquest
Delivery Type: Download
Operating System: Windows 98 SE, Millenium, 2000, XP, Vista 32-bit
Language: English
Price: $28.95
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Classic PhoneTools 9

Fax and Phone from your PC

  • Fax directly from your PC
  • Make Phone Calls from PC
  • Turn your PC into an answering machine
  • Organize Contacts
  • Automatic Modem Detection

Classic PhoneTools is an easy way to turn your PC into a complete communication tool. Our PhoneTools software package provides advanced communication features that easily integrate with your current Windows based system. Classic PhoneTools makes it possible for you to email, fax, telephone and receive voice messages on your PC from a single, efficient interface. This new version of Classic PhoneTools is ideal for professional or personal use and offers rich features including powerful fax capabilities, customizable voice mail and email, phone from PC, and automatic modem detection.

Classic PhoneTools 9 Screenshot


  • Fax directly from your PC
  • Make phone calls from your PC with the Speaker Phone
  • Organize your contacts in the Phone Book and filter by communication type (eg. fax, phone, email)
  • Turn your PC into an answering machine
  • Automatic modem detection simplifies connection


Manage all your communications from a single PC interface

With Classic PhoneTools' newly designed interface, key communication features are now easily accessible. You can manage, fFax, phone, phonebook, voice mail, and email -- all from a single intuitive interface.

Classic PhoneTools 9 FeaturesReplace office machines with integrated PC communication

Classic PhoneTools replaces your fax machine and answering machine and gives you access to telephone, speakerphone, email, phonebook & fax all from your PC. This new version of Classic PhoneTools has automatic fax modem detection to make installation fast and easy.

Classic PhoneTools 9 FeaturesUse the power of Phone Book to organize your contacts

Classic PhoneTools provides a simple interface to organize all your contacts. The Phone Book integrates with each of our communication features, so it has never been easier to call, fax or email your contacts. The Phone Book easily filters contacts according to type and displays them according to communiation type (eg fax, phone, email).

Classic PhoneTools 9 Features Automatic Modem Detection

- Manages installed modems automatically
- Supports thousands of existing modems
- Adapts automatically to specifications of detected modems
- Creation of generic drivers that will take your modem in charge in the case you lose the original CD.

Digital Voice Mail Recording

- Calls are automatically answered via your computer
- Support for multiple voice mail accounts
- Interactive voice mail options provide simple navigation features enabling callers to reach the appropriate voice mail account easiy

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