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Camtasia Studio 8.6

"Create World Class Screen Recordings Now!"

Camtasia Studio
Version: 8.6
Publisher: TechSmith
Delivery Type: DOWNLOAD
Operating System: Windows 10 / 8 / 7
Language: English
Recommended Price: Rec. Price $299
Price: $277.00
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Camtasia Bonus

Create Tutorials, Demos, Courses and Online Videos with Camtasia Studio Today!

More than a simple screen recorder, Camtasia gives you the tools you need to truly customize and edit your videos. Record on-screen activity, add imported media, create interactive content, and share high-quality, HD videos that your viewers can watch anytime, on nearly any device.

Camtasia Studio 8.6’s sleek new editing interface makes features more discoverable and workflow more efficient while providing an overall better user experience. TechSmith’s improved SmartFocus technology is in Camtasia Studio 8, providing a noticeable increase in accuracy so users will spend even less time editing while being able to deliver clear video content faster for playback on nearly any screen size.

Camtasia Studio software's recording engine has been optimized to deliver better performance and production value.

Users running Windows XP will immediately notice a visual improvement in the smoothness of their produced videos, and those running a dual-core processor on Windows Vista or Windows 7 will experience a 40-50 percent improvement in capture frame rate.

What's New in Camtasia Studio 8.6

TechSmith Fuse

TechSmith Fuse, our new mobile app, makes it simple to get exactly what you need from your devices into your projects. Send your photos and videos straight from your mobile device into Camtasia’s media bin. Then, use the editing power in Camtasia to create custom, shareable videos

Google Drive

Camtasia’s new Google Drive integration lets you upload your videos into Google Drive to give your viewers access from any web browser or mobile device. You can also import files into Camtasia instantly from Google Drive.

World-class Screen Recording Technology

Construct more engaging videos faster with multiple video and audio tracks. Record high-quality videos in no time with Camtasia Studio’s advanced screen recorder. Whether you’re recording HD video, a PowerPoint presentation, or a video game, you’ll get smooth playback – that’s blazing fast too!

Import Media

Easily import HD video, photos, music, and more to create unique videos that stand out. Import existing videos you have for quick editing, and add images or your favorite song to enhance your videos or make a presentation your own.

Remove a Color

Superimpose yourself into your videos, and make it appear as though you’re right in the action. Also known as chroma key or the green screen effect, Remove a Color helps you create more professional videos without having to be a video pro.

Crop, Stitch, & Copy

Use the crop tool to show your viewers exactly what you want them to see and nothing you don’t. Stitch clips together to avoid having to reapply visual effects multiple times. And you can also copy an effect to quickly apply it to numerous clips – saving you time and improving your editing workflow!

Multi-track Timeline

Construct more engaging videos faster with multiple video and audio tracks. The ability to easily manipulate, overlay, and group objects helps you produce professional-looking videos, while encouraging you to use your creativity. Quickly arrange video, audio, images, callouts, animated content, and more on an unlimited number of tracks.

Media Asset Library

Intrigue your audience by adding a variety of pre-installed music tracks, callouts, buttons, banners, and animated backgrounds to your videos with drag-and-drop ease. Camtasia Studio’s wide selection of new callouts and media themes help your videos look more consistent and professional – while you look like a design genius.

Visual Effects

Make your videos pop with enticing visual effects. Insert cursor effects, apply shadows, colorize objects, add borders, or call attention to important details with TechSmith’s SmartFocus to give your videos a polished look. Easily add transitions to keep your viewers intrigued, use Clip Speed to make your videos the perfect length, and hide sensitive information with the blur tool.

Animate Content

Captivate your viewers with animated content that helps guide them through your videos. Use animation to make a callout fly across your screen, an image bounce up and down, text scroll, and more. Camtasia Studio makes it easy to rotate, resize, and tilt content too.

TechSmith Smart Player

Providing you online non-downloadable internet based software applications for your mobile devices and your personal computers for use in connection with delivering interactive digital videos in a FLASH and HTML5 viewer environment.


Discover if your viewers are watching and learning from your content by adding quizzes to your videos. Quizzes can be taken on desktops, laptops, iPads, Android tablets, and most Android smart phones, and results are sent using SCORM reporting. You’ll receive daily email results that include an attached spreadsheet for easy review in Excel or other database programs.

Production Wizard

Be confident that you’re choosing the right production setting for your videos with Camtasia Studio’s easy-to-use production wizard. With simplified presets, you’ll be able to easily decide which production setting is best for the type of video you’ve created.

Save, Share, & Send

Send the videos you produce in Camtasia Studio straight to YouTube or our free hosting site, Screencast.com, which gives you the hyperlink and embed code needed to share your videos via email, tweet, blog post, and more. Camtasia Studio’s expansive sharing capabilities allow your viewers to watch your content anywhere, on nearly any device.

Camtasia Studio - Screen recording and video editing software.

Camtasia Studio helps you quickly create professional quality videos and share them with anyone, on nearly any device - without formal training.


Whether you need to train an audience, give a presentation, explain an idea, share knowledge, or offer feedback, Camtasia Studio makes it easy. Use Camtasia Studio to record onscreen activity, PowerPoint slides, and more or import camera video. Then enhance your videos with Camtasia Studio’s powerful editing tools, and easily share them with anyone, anywhere.


With multiple video and audio tracks, an extensive asset library, and the ability to animate content, Camtasia Studio allows you to create interactive videos that engage your audience. Plus, Camtasia Studio’s built-in quizzing lets you discover if your viewers are watching and learning from your content.

Camtasia is Perfect For...

  • Record PowerPoint presentations, websites, webcams, and software demos easily
  • Edit screencasts to perfection by cutting, splicing, adding transitions, and captions
  • Produce your video in many formats, or share to YouTube or Screencast.com

Camtasia Recording

Camtasia Recording - With Camtasia Studio's flexible recording options, you can choose to capture full screen, window or region. Add in music tracks, microphone, your computer's audio plus picture-in-picture with your video camera, and you've got a world-class screencast

Top Camtasia Studio recording features:

PowerPoint plug-in

Give your PowerPoint presentation once, share it as many times as you want. The toolbar inside of PowerPoint makes it one-click-easy to record your presentations, either live or from your desk.

Turn your PowerPoint into a video with ease by capturing onscreen activity, your voice, even webcam video with Camtasia. Edit to perfection and produce into a variety of formats... it's easy!

Your PowerPoint presentation becomes HD-quality video video with Camtasia Studio 8. Produce your video into a HD-quality H.264 MPEG-4 file for viewing within any Flash-enabled browser and upload directly to a video sharing site. You can also generate the files needed to put your video on a webpage, Apple device, or send it to iDVD.


TechSmith's exclusive SmartFocus technology keeps track of where the action happens during your recording. Then it produces a video that zooms in on the parts you need to show.

Camtasia SmartFocus™ is ideal for videos where the source clip or recording dimensions are large (ex. full screen recording) and you want to produce the final video at smaller dimensions (ex. for the Web or an iPod). If you produce at dimensions smaller than the dimensions of the source clip, the content in the video may be too small and difficult to view.

SmartFocus allows you to quickly change the video dimensions for different destinations. SmartFocus automatically generates Zoom-n-Pan keyframes to optimize viewing at any dimensions.

SmartFocus collects data about the actions completed and the cursor movement in the recording. SmartFocus predicts where to add zoom effects, saving you time to manually find and insert all the frames to zoom or pan.

Camtasia Studio 8.6 Editing

Camtasia Studio 8 Editing - Once you have your content recorded, polish it up and turn it into a professional screencast.

Top Camtasia Studio editing features:


Add a graphic over your video to direct the attention of your viewers. You can even link to an external webpage or jump to a part of the video.

SuperCallouts - 365 Super Graphic Callouts to use directly in your Camtasia Studio 8 videos
- Check out SuperCallouts

Cursor effects

Highlight cursor movements and mouse clicks to help viewers follow the action.

A nice, new feature in Camtasia Studio 8 is that you'll be able to help viewers follow along by enlarging the mouse pointer, making it a spotlight, or visualizing clicks... while you're in editing mode. The cursor now has it's own track on the timeline. You control how (and whether) the cursor appears at any point on the timeline!


It comes stocked with professionally-designed assets you can drag-and-drop into your video. It's also the perfect place to store your callouts, title slides, and other assets for re-use and sharing.

Title clips and transitions

Walk your audience through your content easily with title clips that introduce or divide your video. Move smoothly between clips with over 20 transition options.


Display the text of your screencast as an overlay or below the video.


Ask your audience what they got out of your video. Easily add Flash quizzes to any point in the screencast.

Import media

Digital video clips, photos, music, animations—Camtasia Studio makes it a cinch to pull them into your project.

Camtasia Studio 8.5 Sharing

Sharing - The final step in creating a screencast is sharing it with your audience - and Camtasia Studio makes that a snap.

Top Camtasia Studio sharing features:

Share to YouTube and Screencast.com

With just one click, your video is on its way to YouTube or Screencast.com, TechSmith's video hosting service.

Produce to a variety of formats

  • MP4/FLV/SWF - Flash player compatible
  • M4V for iPod/iPhone/iTunes
  • AVI for CD/DVD/lossless export
  • Silverlight-compatible WMV
  • MOV for QuickTime
  • RM - RealMedia
  • Animated GIF
  • MP3 - Audio only

Table of contents

Camtasia Studio makes it easy to create an interactive table of contents within a single video.

How Customers Use Camtasia Studio

Every day, thousands of people around the world use Camtasia to create videos that train, teach, sell, and more! It’s the easiest way to demonstrate a process, product, or idea.

The Smarter Way to Train

With the Camtasia screen recorder, you can create interactive training and support videos that are on-demand for instant viewing. Screencasts are quick, easy, and inexpensive to produce. They’re perfect for rolling out new software, orienting new staff, showing customers how to use your product, or establishing a “self-help” desk.

Your Teaching, Multiplied

Record a live presentation or lecture and give learners a rewind button for class. Help them learn at their own pace…or catch up from an absence.

Look Like a Million Bucks…Without Spending a Fortune.

The Camtasia screen recorder makes it easy for anyone—even a multimedia novice—to produce a slick, professional-looking video. Just record a product demo, or sales presentation. Then put the video on the web and make it available to people on-demand, 24/7.

Broadcast Your Ideas

Whether you blog for fun or profit…hope to become the next YouTube sensation…or simply enjoy creating online videos…the Camtasia screen recorder will make your ideas come alive.

What’s New in Camtasia Studio 8.6

Create and edit videos faster than ever before with the completely rebuilt Camtasia Studio 8.

TechSmith Smart Player

Produce easy-to-share videos.

Share high-quality, HD videos that your viewers can watch anytime, on nearly any device. The TechSmith Smart Player is intuitive and detects if your viewer’s device or browser supports Flash. If their device or browser doesn’t support Flash, the TechSmith Smart Player will playback the content using HTML5 - helping ensure that your videos will play. Upload the videos you make in Camtasia Studio to our free hosting site, Screencast.com, and easily share the link or embed it in your blog. The TechSmith Smart Player also helps you engage with your viewers by supporting interactive elements of your videos like hotspots or quizzes.


Assess understanding.

Discover if your viewers are watching and learning from your content by adding quizzes to your videos. With help from the TechSmith Smart Player, quizzing supports both Flash and HTML5, which allows quizzes to now be taken on iPads, Android tablets, and most Android smart phones. Quiz results are sent automatically to your email and let you know how much of your video was watched by the viewer. Plus, it does the grading for you.

Multi-track Timeline

Unleash your creativity.

Construct more interactive and engaging videos faster with multiple video and audio tracks. The ability to easily manipulate items on the canvas helps you create professional quality videos, while encouraging you to use your creativity. Stack different media elements on top of each other, and group content together for cool effects that you can save and reuse.

Asset Library

Create sharp, design savvy videos.

Intrigue your audience by adding a variety of new music tracks, callouts, buttons, banners, and motion backgrounds to your videos with drag-and-drop ease. Designed with assets that work together, the wide selection of themes help your videos look more professional - while you look like a design genius.


Captivate your audience.

Grab your audience’s attention and keep it with animated content that helps guide them through your video. Easily add an animation to callouts, images, videos, and more. By animating content, you can highlight important parts of your videos and make your production more appealing.

World-class Screen Recording Technology

Capture smooth, high-quality video.

Record high-quality videos faster with Camtasia Studio’s advanced screen recorder. Whether you’re recording HD video, a game, or animated content, you’ll get smooth playback - that’s blazing fast, too.

What can you do with Camtasia? Oh, just about anything…


Screencast demo of the new Hudson intranet.


Screen recordings help kids teach kids.


Bickbot video showing off their app.

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