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Audials One 11.0

Locate, Record, Download Convert And Enjoy Everywhere

Audials One
Version: 11.0
Publisher: Audials
Delivery Type: Download
Operating System: Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP
Language: English
Price: $50.95
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Save Videos From Any Source


Find & Record the best Radio Stations


Audials One Testimonials

"Digital Swiss-army knife' for downloading free and legal media" - about.com

"Download great music for absolutely free" - PC Pro

"legally provides music lovers with loads of free music and video files from the Internet" - Hardwarejournal

"the right tool for music lovers who want to record and store music quickly without having to sacrifice quality" - CHIP

"good, multifaceted suite" - PC Utilities

"What we all want is to set music free. AudialsOne exactly hits the target!" - Taragana

"multi-talented media software, highly recommended" - about.com

For the second year in a row Audials One won the famous audience award "Software" of the Year” from Softwareload

Audials One 11 - Music, Movies, Videos and Radio Stations

Locate, record, download convert and enjoy everywhere

Audials One provides you with the Best Entertainment - Quickly and Free!

Millions of tracks from 80 genres are just a click away from you. Thousands of Internet radio stations and the intelligent Internet direct search leave no musical desire unfulfilled. You also get the full package of options with videos, movies and online TV. Only Audials One can offer you the best free entertainment in the best quality.

Many easy-to-use Options

Discover the many options and ease-of-use offered by Audials One by looking at our screenshots. No other software offers such a huge number of benefits for your entertainment!

Audials One is the Best Software for your Free Entertainment

You can compare the functions of all Audials editions using the overview. Only Audials One offers all of the functions at the best price. You can only get the best free entertainment with all of the functions relating to your music, audio books, podcasts, videos, movies and online TV with Audials One. Find out more now:

Download Music from your Favorite Stars for Free off the Internet

You can gain 10,000,000 MP3s from 1,000,000 albums by 750,000 artists for free with Audials One. With targeted Internet radio recording, downloading from websites and the converting of video to MP3, Audials One offers the most and best options for gaining free MP3s quickly.

  • Musical Desires are automatically fulfilled in a very short Space of Time! - You can automatically record everything from a radio station as individual MP3 tracks. Mass-recording by music genre works even better. Simply select your favorite genre and Audials One automatically records all tracks from the best radio stations for your genre until the limit that you have set is reached or your hard drive is full. This is for real!
  • Get the specific hits you want - Simply enter the artist, album or title. Audials provides you with your desired music either by downloading it from an Internet radio station or via direct download from a website with the right music on offer. Only the Audials software monitors using its own network of thousands of radio stations around the world in order to record the specific music you want.

Benefit from the Musical Tastes and Sources of other Users

Using direct search, Audials finds tracks from the best music sites just like a search engine and can even automatically convert music videos to MP3 or other music files for you. The services can also be expanded with further Internet sources using community search plug-ins.

Radio, Music Services and Podcasts

Find your favorite stations easily from 50,000 of the best radio stations, listen using a range of convenient functions and also record in top quality just like a music subscription service. You also gain even more entertainment with podcasts.

Audials offers the largest Database with the most Radio Stations on the Internet!

The popular radio player shows you the current program with the tracks played for every radio station. The title preview even gives you the album art available. You can discover new radio stations according to your artists’ favorite music and add these to your favorites or simply browse by genre, language or country. The top hits function enables you to tune directly to a program which is currently playing a top hit.

Your Radio Stations from your Local Area

In addition to all 50,000 major radio stations, Audials also has the most popular English-language radio stations available for you: BBC Radio 2, KSFO, Heart, Classic FM, WBAP, Magic, 92 KQRS, Smooth Radio, KIIS, Z100, Star 94, 77 WABC, Capital, 89 WLS, Kiss, Mix 107.3 and many more regional stations. With just a click, you can flick between the radio stations, play them and record the music!

Audials One records Everything that you can hear on the Internet!

Whenever you can hear music on a website or in a player within streaming software, Audials will record this for you and automatically save it as MP3 files. It doesn’t matter whether the music is on streaming services such as Spotify™ or on music portals such as Pandora™.

Use Music Services with Audials One on any Device

Some music services offer files which cannot be played on other devices. Audials solves the problem by playing them back and re-recording them into mp3 files. Other music services don't offer the music for download at all and only provide streaming. Audials can save streaming into single, well-taggef mp3 files for you.

Additional Audio and Video Entertainment with 60,000 Podcasts

Audials provides you with further free entertainment with its integrated podcatcher. The self-updating podcast database offers you tens of thousands of podcasts as audio or video programs from the world’s best podcast providers for your entertainment. This American Life, Freakonomics Radio, ESPN: Fantasy Underground, WNYC's Radiolab, music and technology programs, and much more offer enjoyable entertainment and interesting information with regular episodes. Many radio stations also offer the best comedy as podcasts in addition to music programs. You’ll never miss a highlight again with Audials One!

Videos, Movies and TV from the Internet

Audials enables you to record everything online on the Web and on your PC. Audials can record movies from online Video on Demand services, series highlights from media libraries and videos from websites for you with the highest level of quality and in any file format you desire.

Audials One is your Recorder for Movies on the Internet

As if by magic, Audials displays a record button next to videos and movies in all browsers and streaming players. Simply press the button with your mouse and Audials will automatically save the video. Audials records movies from online Video on Demand services, media libraries or from video streams for you and automatically saves these in the desired file format for all your devices. Audials offers you three recording modes, optimized for all applications.

Simply record all Videos and Movies on the Internet with a Click

Audials saves all videos and movies for you from any website without loss of quality and in full scale. Millions of videos and movies await you.

Music Videos for your Party and direct to your Smartphone

Using Audials, you can also find and download the best music videos in many portals and convert them into the right file format for PCs, smartphones, tablets, consoles and all mobile devices.

Lots of Music TV Channels via Video Streaming

Audials will also entertain you around the clock with many of the best music TV channels in its own player. You can simply chill out with Audials music TV.

Universal Audio and Video Converter

Audials contains one of the world's best universal audio and video file converter. Even for files which only play back in certain player software and with which other converter fail, Audials provides a solution: If files cannot be converted directly, they are played back in the original player software and automatically re-recorded as highest quality video files for you in a free format of your choice, like MP3, MP4, H.264 or WMV.

Audials One is your Universal Converter for all File Formats

Audials is also a universal converter for all audio and video file formats for PCs, smartphones, tablets, such as the iPad, netbooks and notebooks, games consoles and other mobile devices. Music, videos, movies and audio books are quickly converted into any file format with the highest level of quality.

  • Freedom for Movies and all Devices - If movies and videos can’t be played due to the file format, Audials can help you and free you from all your problems: via re-recording with the PerfectVideo quality guarantee, Audials solves all problems for everything from short video clips right up to full-length movies, thus offering endless enjoyment on any
  • Archive DVD Movies and Play them on all Devices without a DVD Player - DVDs are copied in the blink of an eye. With the re-recording function of Audials, even DVDs that cannot be accessed directly can be copied and thus protected against the ravages of time. Owners of connected devices without DVD players, such as smartphones, netbooks or iPad tablets, can use Audials to convert all movies from DVDs to play on these devices.

Enjoy Audio Books on any Device

Audials is the problem-solver for converting audio books into e.g. MP3s, so you can listen to them on mobile devices.

Media Management, Cloud Services and Extras

Audials adds the finishing touch to your music collection and creates order with its media management function. You can also use Audials as a Cloud manager and even turn your PC into a Cloud, so you can enjoy the best free entertainment at home and on the move.

  • Essential for Smartphones, Tablets and your Digital Living Room - For entertainment from the Internet, there are thousands of software tools or simply Audials One: the best all-round carefree solution for all applications for free entertainment for your smartphone and your digital living room, with PCs, tablets, notebooks, netbooks or games consoles.
  • Not yet Fully Convinced? Testing Made Easy! - Download the demo version without registering now. Get to know Audials and some of its features after installing it on your PC without any obligation. The demo version offers you a quick overview of the functions.
  • Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and MacOS + Parallels with Windows 7 - Audials software offers the latest technology and makes the most of all the benefits of the Microsoft operating systems, enabling ease-of-use with optimized user interfaces for Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP on any device.

Audials One 11 Functions

RADIO - listen to the radio and record Internet radio stations

  • Records all internet radios as individual tracks in MP3, WMA or AAC formats
  • World's biggest database with about 50,000 Internet radio stations
  • Live radio player displays the cover art for the current title and other info
  • Search radio stations by genre, country, featured artists, stream quality
  • Automatic simultaneous mass recording of many stations according to 80 genres
  • PerfectRadio technology cuts with precision to within a fraction of a second (fingerprint-based cutting of individual tracks)
  • Detailed adjustable quality: only tracks that meet your demands with cutting precision, bit rate etc. are saved
  • Timer for timed radio recording
  • Definition of several favorites lists
  • Automatic synchronization of favorites on all of the user's PCs
  • Setting of recordings with track number and data quantity via the job function
  • Internet metasearch automatically adds ID3 tags and cover art to radio recordings
  • Internet metasearch automatically adds lyrics
  • Blacklisting of radio stations
  • Retroactive saving of played titles as a song history
  • Normalization of all radio recordings for uniform volume
  • On request, adjustable fading at the cutting points

MUSIC SEARCH - tracks and music videos from the Internet

  • Simultaneous search for tracks and music videos in many Internet portals
  • Search YouTube, Myvideo, Vimeo, Clipfish and others simultaneously
  • Artist catalog organizes search results as an album discography for easy access
  • One-click saving of music videos
  • One-click saving of audio tracks from music videos as audio files, e.g. as MP3s
  • Tags and organizes the best results
  • Expandable search via plug-ins with further sources from the community
  • Automatic conversion into the desired audio or video format
  • Adding of album covers, ID3 tags, lyrics via additional tag metasearch
  • Supports samplers and best-of albums (all tracks from the sampler are sought)
  • Recording of any frequently found tracks/music videos simultaneously

MUSIC PREFERENCES - tracks from radio stations and the Internet

  • Simultaneously monitor thousands of radio stations for the music you want
  • Carry out a simultaneous Web metasearch of all the major portals at once
  • When the song on your list is played, the station is recorded automatically
  • Automatic recording of search results for the desired song from supported music and video portals
  • Gets the audio file, video file or both
  • Search sources are expanded with community plug-ins
  • Large music database helps define your music wish list
  • Wish lists can contain full albums
  • Wish lists can contain several artists. Only the best tracks are recorded
  • Wish lists can include sampler albums, all tracks are recorded
  • Access to community wish lists

MUSIC TV - receive and watch videos and programs

  • Includes all major music TV channels with a selection of many top channels
  • Live player with simple, fast channel-hopping
  • Window can be resized as you wish or viewed in full screen mode
  • Clear display of channel logo, country and music genre
  • Possible to add further channels and streams
  • Automatic update with new channels

PODCASTS - subscribe to and play episodes

  • Large database of 65,000 international podcasts
  • Streams all episodes to watch or listen to immediately
  • TV programs, interesting information, music - over 25 different topic areas
  • Organize and find according to language, name or popularity
  • Download all episodes with a click and convert automatically into the desired format
  • Subscribe to podcasts, monitor for and automatically download new episodes

AUDIO STREAMING - record music and save as individual tracks

  • Recording of audio files at a network level with division into individual tracks
  • Recording of any audio files, fingerprint-based recognition and division into individual tracks
  • Records any stream from any source as individual, titled tracks
  • Perfect for streaming services, social radio stations, music portals, all kinds of unprotected & protected streams
  • Automatically adds ID3 tags, album covers, and lyrics for recorded tracks
  • Compatible with Spotify, Last.fm, Simfy, Pandora, Rdio.fm, Mog, Deezer and many more
  • Pre-tagging optimizes capturing of whole albums
  • Recognizes links to MP3 files on websites you visit One-click MP3 download
  • The complete automation option enables background operation (simply save every track played)

VIDEO STREAMING - record and save

  • Powerful video recording technology combines network sniffer and direct graphics card access
  • Videos are saved without losing any source quality
  • Easy to use with a mini recording window for each video
  • Perfect for video streaming, Video on Demand services, media libraries and video portals
  • Records and saves all videos from Apple iTunes
  • Customizable recording area per screen frame for video recordings
  • The right video format for all devices with post-recording conversion
  • Optional audio track recording as MP3

CONVERTER AND DVD RIPPING - audio and video conversion and DVD ripping

  • Imports all essential video files for conversion
  • Export audio formats MP3, WMA, WMA Pro, OGG, WAV, M4A and FLAC
  • Converts protected audio files via automatic playing and re-recording at a faster speed
  • Up to 56-times faster re-recording available thanks to parallelization
  • Imports all essential video filed for conversion
  • Export video formats WMV, MP4, MPEG4, AVI, 3GP and H.264
  • Converts protected video files from screen via playing and automatic re-recording
  • Extraction of the video’s audio track as an audio file
  • 7 universal profiles for easy configuration
  • More than 100 device profiles for the best video output for all major device types
  • Optimized files for PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, iPhone, iPad, Xbox, PS3, PSP, Nintendo DS and much more
  • Batch conversion with optional auto shut down when the job is finished
  • Virtual CD driver for audio books with conversion feature
  • Imports and converts unprotected DVDs. Easy, semi-automatic movie and language selections
  • Copies DVDs via playing and re-recording
  • Converts all DVDs into video formats suitable for tablets, smartphones and netbooks

MEDIA LIBRARY - enjoy media on your smartphone and with the Cloud wherever you are

  • Convenient player with playlist management and graphic cover art display
  • Various views possible according to artist, genre of music etc.
  • Customizable view of the media collection with configurable information columns for novices and experts
  • Automatic generation of playlists according to artist or genre
  • Supports links to video from YouTube etc. in playlists
  • 2-device view enables flexible transfer from/to a wide variety of devices and storage spaces
  • Optimized for Android smartphones, direct browsing, use for playlists etc.
  • Ideal for loading files onto Apple devices, as compatible with iTunes, iPhone, iPad and iPod
  • Storage space indicator for devices
  • Copying in the background
  • Pre-configured for all major Cloud services
  • Automatic Internet search for missing ID3 tags, album covers and lyrics
  • Powerful tag editor, simple tagging possible using drag and drop
  • Convenient creation and wireless uploading of personalized ringtones for cell phones and smartphones

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