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ALLCapture 3.0

Screen recording software to capture your desktop in real-time

Version: 3.0
Publisher: Balesio
Delivery Type: Download
Operating System: Windows 98 or higher
Language: English
Price: $197.00
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ALLCapture - screen recording software to capture your desktop in real-time

ALLCapture - screen recording software to capture desktop in real-time and can also edit, I think it will be also better if they (SuperCallouts) work together.

Record screen activities in real-time to quickly and easily create your own screencasts, demos, tutorials, software simulations and videos for the Internet without any programming language necessary. The steps are as easy as: record - edit - export - play

ALLCapture 3.0 Standard

ALLCapture records all your screen activities in real-time and quickly creates internet ready videos and software simulations.

Record any screen activity in real-time, even online conferences or fluent movements like CAD 3D simulations. Edit your captured projects afterwards using speech bubbles, callouts and other effects. Record sound and screen simulatenously or add sound afterwards. Export your video to Flash, EXE, ASF for Windows Media Player or directly in a video format as DVD, VCD or SVCD.

New in ALLCapture 3.0

  • Functional recording mode (start, pause, continue and stop recording)
  • Duplicate, cut, copy and paste frames
  • Wider selection of predefined navigation bars
  • Fully Windows Vista compatible
  • Up to 1 hour of uninterrupted screen recording

ALLCapture 3.0 Enterprise

ALLCapture Enterprise combines all the features of our standard version as well as other very useful features for professional customers.

 ALLCapture Testimonials

"I found ALLCapture and was extremely impressed. The software is very easy to use, full of features and priced at the right level."- Tim Alsop. Director, CyberSafe

"NO other software company has gone that far to help me out. You guys are GREAT to work with.."- Benchmark BeHOME Customer Services

"...glad to have found your product..."- Philips e-Learning

Unlimited screen recording - our Enterprise version allows customers to vary the playback speed, resize and scale the size of projects or customize the layout of the screen videos. Customers can also emphasize certain areas using the zoom function. Record your screen for many hours or simply use the PowerPoint add-in to automatically convert your presentation to Flash or a video format.

Additionally new in ALLCapture 3.0 Enterprise

  • PowerPoint add-in automatically converts presentations to Flash or video
  • Zoom function
  • Change playback speed (depending on frame rate)
  • Resize and scale existing projects, e.g resize your movie to fit your iPod
  • Unlimited time for screen recording

Good reasons for using ALLCapture:

  • Record all screen activity in real-time, even webinars or video conferences
  • Convert PowerPoint presentations to Flash videos
  • Easily edit the captured video and insert captions, notes, special effects, etc.
  • Record sound during the capture process or add it conveniently during playback
  • "Memory Manager" for better recording performance
  • Small output size is ideal for e-mail and Internet use. Choose between different output formats including Flash, EXE, ASF, DVD, SVCD and VCD

General features in ALLCapture

Recording Is Easy And Quick
  • Start and stop screen recording with one click
  • Configure the recording window to meet required size
  • Support of full screen and multi-screen recording
  • Recording of overlapping windows and program interactions
  • Improved frame logic for better video capture and smaller file size
  • Standard Windows Interface: intuitive timeline for easy and effortless editing
  • Memory Manager: allows to swap video footage to external media (e.g. hard drive, flash drives or USB sticks) in order not to compromise the PC's performance
Simple And Intuitive To Work On
  • Intuitive Undo and Redo functionality
  • Define size of the preview window
  • Hide or show mouse and mouse movements
  • Copy and paste, add and remove frames
  • Add audio, pictures and animated effects
  • Preview edited project in real-time
  • Adjustable audio quality
  • Configure color quality and frame rate
  • Work with ALLCapture on multiple screens
Fast And Small Demos
  • Program incorporates it's own compression technology for really small demos
  • Streaming technology for quickly starting demos
  • Ideal for sending demos via e-mail
Special Effects
  • Animated text objects and speech bubbles
  • Various attractors (e.g. elastic band effect)
  • Edit font size, type and formatting individually
  • Various transition effects for more attractive demos
  • Rich Text Editor for adding pictures to speech bubbles
  • Define the display time of objects intuitively using the timeline
  • Spotlight Effect: emphasize important parts of your demo
Audio & Sound
  • Record, edit, add and delete audio
  • Import WAV files
  • Use different sound channels for background music and speech commentary
  • Compose the complete timeline in one go
  • Audio Editor included for convenient editing
  • Record audio directly from soundcard, microphone or both
  • Record sound during or after video capture
Export Options
  • Flash (SWF)
  • Windows Media Player (ASF)
  • MPEG for DVD, SVCD, VCD or without resolution adaption
  • Executable (EXE)
  • Choose codec freely and adapt it to the video content
Additional Options
  • Add author information to Flash demos
  • Fast loading, saving and compiling
  • Multilingual: ALLCapture is available in English, German, French, Italian and Japanese
  • Add-on: SkinStudio for customized speech bubbles and text objects
  • Add-on: PanelStudio for customized Flash navigation bars

ALLCapture 3.0 Example Videos

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